Alternative Futures & Popular Protest

From 1995 to 2018 this hugely successful series of international conferences has been organised by Colin Barker and Mike Tylesley at Manchester Metropolitan University. From 2019 onwards, it will be organised by an AFPP Organising Committee, largely based in the Sociology Department at UoM.

The Conference rubric and structure will remain much as in previous years. The aim is to explore the dynamics of popular social movements, along with the ideas which animate their activists and supporters and which contribute to shaping their fate. Reflecting the inherent cross-disciplinary nature of the issues, previous participants (from over 60 countries) have come from such specialisms as sociology, politics, cultural studies, social psychology, economics,  history and geography.  The Manchester conferences have been notable for discovering a fruitful and friendly meeting ground between activism and academia.

Presentations at AFPP cover themes such as:

  • contemporary and historical social movements and popular protests
  • social movement theory
  • utopias and experiments
  • ideologies of collective action
  • social movements and everyday politics
  • …and many more!

For queries by email:

The AFPP Organising Committee is: Cristiana Olcese, Gemma Edwards, Kevin Gillan, Luke Yates, Meghan Tinsley, Pete Lampard and Simin Fadaee.

The Twenty-Fourth Alternative Futures and Popular Protest Conference is supported by The University of Manchester Department of Sociology and the School of Social Sciences Small Grant Scheme.