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From 1995 to 2018 this hugely successful series of international conferences was organised by Colin Barker and Mike Tyldesley at Manchester Metropolitan University. Hundreds of scholars and activists from over sixty countries came through AFPP over the years, and all will remember Colin and Mike’s warm welcome. The conference has always been notable for a spirit of collegial and comradely participation, undoubtedly fed by the intellectual curiosity and generosity of its two founders. Highly established scholars participate on an equal footing to PhD students and early career researchers, and ongoing conversations develop across conference sessions, coffee breaks, dinners and sometimes long into the evening.

In 2018, Colin and Mike – by then both retired – approached colleagues attached to the research group movements@manchester to discuss the future of AFPP. We were pleased to take on the responsibility of carrying this tradition forwards. Sadly, Colin passed away in February 2019. The 2019 edition of AFPP was dedicated to Colin’s memory, with some of his intellectual and political achievements discussed across two conference sessions in the presence of some of his family, friends and comrades. Despite missing Colin’s presence greatly, the conference was a success. Colleagues and friends, old and new, heard over eighty papers over three days, discussing movements from every continent, and occurring across the last two hundred years. Concomitant breadth in conceptual focus was evident in themes covering art, economies, discourse, emotions, space, time and much else besides.

The organising committee for AFPP 2020 is: Simin Fadaee & Luke Yates (chairs), Gemma Edwards, Kevin Gillan, Meghan Tinsley and Cedomir (Miro) Vuckovic.

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