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by | 22 Oct 2013 | Instructions for Authors | 0 comments

As you’ll see from our blog posts, we’ve got a wide ranging appetite for contributions to movements@manchester. Authors might address:

  • Quick sketches of movement-related current affairs;
  • Reviews of articles, books or seminars with relevance to understanding social movements and similar phenomena;
  • Personal reflections on the practices and habits of being involved in protest;
  • Scholarly considerations on the theories and methods used to understand protest;
  • And much else besides – photo galleries, videos or any other media could be just as appropriate as text.

We’re already developing a community of thinkers and doers around our events and hope that this will grow through sharing ideas online. So, you needn’t have had any contact with the people currently affiliated with movements@manchester to get involved. If you have something you’d like to say please get in touch with a (short!) sketch of an idea to bounce around with the editors. Once you’ve got a login to the blog you can come back here for more tips on creating your contribution.