Reading group meetings, spring 2014

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We’ve got three new reading group meetings coming up.

  • Thur 27th Feb, 3pm. University Place, 6.207. Discussion of  Fligstein, N., & McAdam, D. (2011). Toward a general theory of strategic action fields. Sociological Theory29(1), 1–26.
  • Wed 19th Mar, 3pm. Humanities Bridgeford Street, G.035. Discussion of working paper by John Krinsky (CUNY) & Pail Getsos, “We just need to go Egypt on their ass!” The Articulation of Labor and Community Organizing in New York City with Occupy Wall Street; to read the paper please contact Kevin Gillan.
  • Wed 30th Apr, 3pm. Humanities Bridgeford Street, G.035. Details tbc.




Kevin GillanKevin Gillan

Kevin Gillan is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Manchester and Editor in Chief at the journal Social Movement Studies. He has interests that overlap between social movements scholarship and economic sociology.