Interview: Stansted 15, Direct Action and Legal Repression

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Credit: End Deportations

Credit: End Deportations

On 10th December 15 anti-deportation activists were convicted under anti-terror legislation for their peaceful direct action at Stansted airport. Graeme Hayes observed the whole trial as part of a wider research project on disobedience, direct action and trials of protesters. In this podcast he is interviewed by Kevin Gillan, covering the details of the conviction, locating it in a wider trend to legal repression of protest and considering the implications for future British direct action protest.

hayes-interview-131218.mp3 (Download the podcast by right-clicking this link and choosing ‘Save link as…’ or similar.)

Along with his colleagues Brian Doherty and Steven Camiss, Graeme has published a number of articles on the case, including:

To find out how to support the Stansted 15 contact the End Deportations campaign via their website, or follow their twitter feed.



Kevin GillanKevin Gillan

Kevin Gillan is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Manchester and Editor in Chief at the journal Social Movement Studies. He has interests that overlap between social movements scholarship and economic sociology.