Reading Group Series: Social movements, states and political parties

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For this semester we’re focusing our readings on the relationships between movements, states and parties. All welcome; no need to sign up in advance. All sessions in 3.040, Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester.

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10-12, Tues 6th Feb

Maoism in China: Joel Andreas, The Structure of Charismatic Mobilisation

4-6, Tues 6th Mar

Southern India: Manali Desai, From Movement to Party to Government: Why social policies in Kerala and West Bengal are so Different

10-12, Tues 17th Apr

USA & Tea Party: Theda Skocpol, Who Owns the GOP? And the 2016 epilogue from The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism

4-6, Tues 15th May

Corbynism: Lewis Bassett, Movements and Corbynism: beyond the prefigurative lens (Working Paper)

10-12, Tues 5th Jun

Radical Municipal Governance (details tbc)

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