Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, 2021

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7-9th June, 2021. Free registration and fully online.

AFPP is an international, cross-disciplinary conference on social movements, protest and cognate topics. It has drawn participants from over 60 countries, whether based in departments of sociology, politics, cultural studies, psychology, economics, history, geography or elsewhere. Discussions are marked by a long-established spirit of collegial and comradely participation, making for a friendly meeting ground between academia and activism. We have decided that for 2021 the conference will be held entirely online.

The conference themes are broad-ranging, and will include the following:

  • contemporary or historical movements and protests from any global region
  • theories of social movements, labour movements and revolution
  • utopias, experiments in alternative living and everyday politics
  • ideologies, imaginaries and strategies of collective action
  • opposition to discrimination and confrontations with capitalism, patriarchy or coloniality

The full Call for Papers can be found here. For updates and the full programme, check out the AFPP section of the website. A little of the history of the conference can be found here.